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A documentary film about a modern-day journey to motherhood.

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What People Are Saying About Chill

""CHILL presents us with a fascinating mixture of heart and science. Of how technology revolutionizes the concept of motherhood and family." --IMDb reviewer

"Honest, raw and brave." --Maria Leonard Olsen, author

“Your story and documentary will be so important to others considering egg freezing!  I think you absolutely did the right thing to freeze. And you are also blazing the way with your documentary project.”   ~Dr. Marcia C. Inhorn, Professor, Yale University

“Thank you so much for sharing your journey and making this documentary!  I really enjoyed it and think it has a tremendous impact on women considering their options.  I am more aware and comfortable with my decision to get egg freezing done after this screening. You were the best thing I Googled last night.” ~Chaitali M.

"When I froze my eggs two years ago I could not find any relevant information let alone personal stories of egg freezers. I stumbled through the highly emotional egg freezing process scared, yet exhilarated. Thank god for women like Jennifer Frappier who are willing to document their own fertility struggles to make the journey easier for others who are struggling with their biological clocks.” 
~Brigitte Adams, Founder of Eggsurance

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Chill is a touching documentary about a single woman fighting to preserve her fertility and dreams of motherhood through egg freezing in her mid-thirties. Weeks before she decided to freeze her eggs, Jennifer began documenting her thoughts on fertility and parenthood. Throughout the film, she shares her story with vulnerability, courage and humor. Chill is more than a film; it’s a mindset. It’s about determination, living with intention and being true to yourself. This story is as original as it is relatable and when it comes to fertility, educational as it is eye opening. Ultimately, Chill is an inspirational film about hope, love and family.


For updates, stop by the Chill Blog.   Chill is a fiscally sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts